Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls San Diego

Empowering Girls Through Music

advisory committee


Abby Dorsey - Song-writer, Community Outreach
Allison Reed - 2015 - 2017 Board Secretary

Angela Cutrone - Musician, Drum Instructor
​Ben Varela - Production
Bonnie Davison - Community Outreach
Candace Mraz - Fund Development

Christine Foussat - Community Outreach

Christine Mathias - Musician

​Emma Bryd - Music Therapist, Musician

Jessica Bell - Musician, High School Teacher
Kim Arnett - Finance and Accounting

Kinnie Dye - Musician
​Leah Robbins - Clinical Psychologist

​Nicole Walters - Legal, Community Outreach
​Sarah Carano - Finance and Accounting
Sharisse Coulter - Photographer/Videographer
​Tara Graviss - Community Connector
Taylor Carlston - Community Outreach
​Tehya Foussat - Community Outreach

​Tom Mason - Sound Engineer & Musician

Melissa grove

Founder & President

For the past 8 years, Melissa has been involved in a community that uses music as the foundation for improving lives and contributing to others. While watching the success of rock camps and seeing the positive results, she created a team of musicians and non-profit professionals to bring the mission of empowering girls through music to San Diego. Melissa’s background in child development allowed her to work as a youth activities coordinator on cruise ships and a Disney event coordinator and host. Her true passion for music and the performing arts inspires her to work with non-profits that encourage children to experience performance and complete self-expression.

Being a proud auntie to seven nieces and eight great nieces, Melissa feels passionate about providing young females the tools to help overcome the challenges girls face regularly.

 “I believe in building a community that supports a strong identity and encourages collaboration. At Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego we encourage the girls to embrace their uniqueness and become advocates for themselves and others. We use music as the catalyst to empowerment…it’s fun and educational!”

a huge thank you to our 
​2017 rock camp team!

Veronica may

Rockin' Board Member

Veronica May has worn many hats. She is a guitarist, pianist, drummer, choral arranger and was a Music Therapist for over a decade. Through her education as a Music Therapist, she came to realize the power of music and its ability to make a positive difference in all different populations. From Parkinson’s, to homeless, to people with special needs, to all of the girls in the world that need to feel empowered in their own right. Music is a precious resource, and she feels pride in the fact that she gets to share it.

Veronica sees the importance of this camp. As a first year mentor Veronica taught the Image and Identity workshop that was focused on being your authentic self. This workshop was the most requested workshop from the campers for future camps. Go V! Coming into it, she knew it was a camp centered around the idea of giving girls a strong voice. What she didn’t expect was to feel empowered by the girls and women on staff. She looks forward to coming up with new ways to educate and empower girls in future camps 

emma byrd

Rockin' Board Member

Emma is a board certified music therapist, singer-songwriter, and co-founder of The Courage to Create, a program which aims to empower women and girls through music.  After receiving her bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music in Music Therapy, she moved to San Diego to pursue her career and dig into her music. Emma's work focuses on creating space and opportunities for every individual to explore, discover and amplify their inner voices. She has been involved in Rock N'Roll Camp for Girls SD since 2016 as a keys instructor, guitar instructor and band coach.  Emma is currently working on her Masters in Music Therapy and can be found either studying in a coffee shop or playing her original music for yoga classes around San Diego.

Sarah milan

Rockin' Board Member

Sarah is a Senior at Arizona State University online, studying Psychology with a minor in Child Development and has been working as a leader at Starbucks for 17 years. She's been in many bands playing keyboards, guitar, accordion (concertina), and most recently with a song writing group she helped create with two friends. The idea...for female musicians to get together and follow a monthly lyrical prompt and continue writing, regardless of being in a band. They have since opened the group to anyone that would like to join!

"I first heard of the Rock Camp when donating my guitar to the Portland Camp for girls in early 2000. I love the mission of creating and building a community for girls to have positive role models and empowerment through music. I truly believe that we can empower girls to recognize, understand, and respond to discrimination, along with teaching an outlet of creativity and self-respect through music."

"Music has always taught me that there is an unlimited amount of power and creativity inside yourself.  The best part about having a tool to help empower yourself is that you can share it with others and have the opportunity to empower others as well. I can't imagine life without music. It connects young people in so many ways other than creativity. It creates integrity, self-worth and opens a world of diversity like no other activity can in my experience. Plus it's fun!"

advisory committee

2015 - 2016

Tehya Foussat - Marketing
Taylor Carlston - Fund Development
Jessica Bell - Musician, High School Teacher
Kennady Tracy - Musician, Student
Angela Cutrone - Musician, Drum Teacher
Megan Combs – Musician, Production
Veronica May - Musician, Music Therapist



​Mom of two Rock n’ Roll campers, Kim has worked with nonprofits for over 15 years.  She was an Executive Director, then a Fundraising Consultant, then a Grants Manager before taking on her latest challenge as Finance Manager for the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.  Kim earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from Wake Forest University and a Master of Business Administration from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.  Before her nonprofit career, she worked in fixed income derivatives for Merrill Lynch PLC in London and as a management consultant for Bain & Company in Atlanta and San Francisco. Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego is grateful and honored to have Kim as a part of the team.

yasmine kasem

Rockin' Board Member

Yasmine is a professional artist, seasoned percussionist and a veteran Girls Rock Camp Alliance mentor. Coming from the Indianapolis chapter (Girls Rock! Indianapolis) she was enthusiastic of getting back to assuming the rockin' role of teaching drums and coaching bands with Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls San Diego! Yasmine has been playing a wide range of percussion from piano to marching on the drum line with tenor drums for the better part of 16 years, specializing in Jazz drumming. She is currently getting her MFA in Visual Art at UC San Diego. 

Sarah Carano


Besides being a devoted Cubs fan and lover of deep dish pizza, Sarah has spent the last sixteen years with her head in the books working as a CPA for both publicly traded companies and non-profits in Chicago, Illinois.  Sarah began her accounting career at Ernst & Young, LLP where she worked as a financial auditor for companies in the manufacturing and non-profit industries.  After leaving public accounting, Sarah held positions such as Controller, Director of Finance and SEC Financial Reporting and most recently has joined the Board of the Jason Mraz Foundation as its Treasurer.  Sarah holds a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from the University of Michigan and is a CPA.

Being a mom of three young children, Sarah says she has had little time to perfect her creative side so it is no surprise she is excited to finally have a daughter that can officially ROCK out this year at camp!! 

 “I am beyond excited to join the Rock Camp family this year! Playing the violin and piano as a child took me on some fun adventures and although I can’t remember my music notes, I do remember the comradere and FUN we had as a group and hope to share this energy and enthusiasm with the rock campers this year!!!”

abby dorsey


​Abby Dorsey has been a fan of both summer camp AND performing since she rocked the role of Sandy in Grease at sleep away camp at age 11! Since then, she has won four San Diego Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist and Album, hosted an open-mic geared towards lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women, and co- written songs for Grammy Award winning artists. In 2017, she joined the team of Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego as a volunteer and quickly realized that she’d found a new passion project.

“It is beyond incredible to witness what these girls are capable of achieving in just one week’s time,” explains Abby. “Sure, there are challenges throughout the week, and emotions can run high, but nothing compares to seeing each girl rock the stage at our Rock Camp Showcase. The smiling faces alone have enough power to light the stage!”

Abby lives in North Park, San Diego, with her wife Kelly and daughter Skylar – who can’t wait to be old enough to attend Rock Camp herself. One, two, three...ROCK! 

Sandy Haasis

Vice President & Program Director

Sandy Haasis has a passion for supporting powerful programs for youth in her community.  Her background includes twenty years of experience in arts education, art program development and administration.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Northern Arizona University. Sandy first experienced the power of Rock Camp as a participant in Ladies Rock LA.  At Rock Camp she found a brave, safe place to try, fail, try again, and find her inner rock star. Not just on stage…in life. Now it is her turn to empower young girls and she could not be more excited to be a part of the team that created Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls to San Diego.